Easter Chocolate Hands on Demonstration

with Marco David

This event will be rescheduled for a later date.

This is for chocolate addicts! Chef Marco will be cooking with you, using chocolate in savoury recipes. Chocolate has come a long way since the old days particularly with the brave pairing of chilli and chocolate! The Mexicans have been putting chocolate in their Chilli Con Carne for years. Marco puts two squares of dark chocolate into his gravy for the Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Sunday Roast. He doesn’t tell anyone in case they object!

Marco will cook the following treats! You might be surprised at how the chocolate addition is subtle but delicious.

Chilli con carne with dark chocolate added
Chicken thighs marinated in dark chocolate, rosemary and barbecue sauce, griddled and served with a colourful seasonal salad
Fresh salmon fillet with a white vermouth cream sauce laced with a little white chocolate
Chocolate truffles
So indulgent! We melt dark chocolate and mix with double cream, chill it, then roll into balls, dust with cocoa or chocolate flakes and eat them or take them home!
Gooey chocolate brownies
So naughty! A great easy recipe, cooked enough to leave a gooey centre


£25pp for members
£30pp for members

Subject to availability and interest

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